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11:04 PM

Netscape sucks. Period. I have looked at my webpage through 4 different browsers: IE, Opera, and mozilla. It looked the way it should in the other three, but not at all in netscape. Oy. (note: I am such a geek)

8:53 PM

I am now about to end days worth of procrastination and get crackin' on a paper. But before I do, I implore you to go to adcritic and see this hillarious bill clinton video. It is actually him in it and he is incredibly entertaining. Do yourself a favor and GO NOW. You won't regret it.

I would like to thank moria for send me this link. thanks moria.

2:24 AM

Even though I have her linked down below, I would like to give my friend Jenny a shoutout now. She is my design partner and bandmate. She is much more gifted in design than myself. I recommend you shoot over to her site and check it out. Yeah.

11:01 PM

I am so happy because everyone is telling me how much they enjoyed ashtray babyhead. they did rock hard. Here's an example of people explaining their rocking.
And Ashtray Babyhead rocks so hard I can barely even
handle it -- I know you wodies feel what I'm sayin'.

Steve S. Sleeve

Steve always has a way of putting things. Oh, and his band is good too.

In contrast, I wish I was as good at doing my homework as I was at working on my websites. Ah, why isn't there a new media design major

4:15 PM

I know this argument is rarely made, but I am now about to support the movie Home Alone. It is on HBO right now and I am enjoying it way too much. I'm sorry, but this movie is good-hearted fun, in every way. I mean, every little kid dreams of having a house all to themselves. I know I did. Macaully Culkin is every eight year old's hero. I would like to specifically point to the scene when he is jumping on his parents' bed and eating popcorn simultaneously. Now I could do this today but it is the idea of doing it on your parents' bed that is so appealing. Pure brilliance.

And of course his ability to fool the villians throughout the final scenes of the film is wonderful. Even today I would like to be able to do this. You can't say you don't fantasize about tricking robbers with booby traps and the like (obviously not every day, but on occcasion). I would like to say that this movie is great fun and recommended for every holiday, even Arbor Day.

4:17 AM

Oh. My. God. That was one of the best shows I've been to in a long long time. Cesto was good, which was a plus since I had never heard them. Ashtraybabyhead put on a ROCKING set and blew away everyone, myself included. And Superdrag did not disappoint either. I had a rockin good time AND the ashtray boys are way too frickin' nice. It must be that southern mentality (from Little Rock). Everyone else was cool but these boys were especially cool. And will and lauren and smitha rule too. I'm way overtired. bye.

5:08 PM

Hi, this is a guest post from Will.
yeah. this is me. you don't know me, at least I hope you don't, otherwise, I might be scared. so, let me introduce myself, so that you may know me and I won't be scared. I'm Will. infamous? no. famous? no. not really anything. but I am a teenage dirtbag baby. and now that I am finally here, I am ready to go to a concert. so goodnight. suck it.
So that is Will. Okay. time to play. WHEEEEEEEEEEE!

4:33 PM

So I was at Karl's Corner at and there is currently a raging debate about whether or not Weezer are sellouts. This all stems from their recent tour sponsorship from Yahoo.

I have developed an opinion about selling out in general. So long as you are not compromising your music for money then you are not selling out. You need money to live. So if someone is offering you money for your talents then take it! There are of course exceptions, like if the company is killing the environment or testing bulletproof vests on babies, but for the most part this is f i n e. If I do something well, I want to get paid.

To be honest, I don't even mind if you're in it for the money so long as you know that and your fans know that. Like the Backstreet Boys. They are corporate whores and they know it, their record company knows it, the public knows it, my mom knows it. So who cares? Who are they hurting? No one. Still, if Weezer changed their name to the Emotion Kids and wore black ribbed turtleneck sweaters all the time, then I would be upset, since they are just changing their image to be marketable.

So long live BSB and long live Weezer.

2:18 PM

Now to be fair, will called me about 30 minutes after I left a message, so it's all good. No harm no foul. Now I should really get to reading...

1:03 PM

Okay, so my friend Will who is in town is supposed to be at my house around now, BUT he's with his girlfriend. Last time he was here I couldn't see him because he was with his girlfriend. And, knowing her, I'm sure it was mostly her doing. I don't think she has anything against me, but she is in no way sympathetic to me. She is the kind of person who throws tantrums to get attention, and it works. So if Will leaves when she is "angry" then he has to deal with that but he knows that if he doesn't leave I will not be as mad as she will. So it is partially his fault, but still, I think the whole thing sucks. I just want to hang with my best friend. That's all. Am I asking to much?

10:21 AM

Good morning. Clean up my apartment. Please?

1:05 AM

After yet another 4 hour session of playing with my webpage...I am now going to read. Before that, I will now promote a show we are having here tomorrow (since I put it together). Come to Union South in Madison, WI and see superdrag, ashtray babyhead, and cesto. It is going to be one rocking show and it's free. Tomorrow will also be cool because my best friend will is going to be here for it. Okay, time for sleeping.

Oh, look at the photos section, i set it up.

11:39 PM

Damn me for seeing that movie. Not only did I waste two hours of studying time but I wasted two hours of my life. Cecil B. Demented is a horrid, horrid film. The acting was horrible, the dialogue was stupid, the sound was off cue, and the plot made no sense. I hereby give this my least favorite movie award. Save yourself and NEVER SEE THIS MOVIE.

7:10 PM

why do I avoid homework like the plague? I chose my majors, why don't I want to study for my classes? I don't know, but now I'm going to see Cecil B. Demented. I wish I was seeing Unbreakable, but this will do for now.

5:10 PM

If you like weezer, you're cool. For these cool people, go here to get their new song, "The Christmas Song," from their unofficial website. It's good too.

12:19 PM

Good morning. Go to and check it out. It is phat and a half. I have one class today and then I am going to do work work work. Willy (best friend) is coming in tonight so I have to get my sheit done. Ok, time for me to skeedaddle and get in the shower.

5:07 AM

Yeah. I lied. Sue me. I stayed up tweeking the page and my redirect page. Oh well. It is FIVE now though, so I am going to go to sleep immediately. I haven't stayed up this late working on nonsense for SOOO long. It is refreshing.
I'll "blogg" more in the morning.

3:05 AM

OK, it's 3am. I have been working on this since 11pm. Sleep.

2:27 AM

This is my very first post to my new website. Matty's Playground v3.0. My third revamp and I think it is safe to say that this is the best one. Here's the first one and the second one. I don't even think the images are up from the first one. You'll See! I spent way too long on this so I am going to bed now. I want to thank Elizabeth though b/c she led me to blogger, which is a very convenient website. bye.

Cursive's Domestica

I'm going with a top10 theme. This is #3 and it is brilliant. I am sure this band is going somewhere.


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