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I added an article that Paul Mawdsley noted on the Magical Armchair from Cambridge's student newspaper.


An obvious update, the site modification. Just a little tinkering. But something else, Ben's brother, Chuck, has a band named Snuzz (if you didn't already know) and they have two shows coming up. Check the tour page for details. Cool though, eh?


Lot's of reviews! I just spent about 3 hours online searching for BFF reviews and I found about 40 or so. They are all on the articles and interviews page so go check 'em out!


Alright, so we knew that BFF was on Dawson's Creek, but Leigh recently pointed out that they have clips of this on the Dawson's Creek Webpage. Here are the links:
Kate, Magic, Evaporated


On a website note, I changed the tour page to look like the rest. That's about it for now.


I added the Smug article to thwe Anything Else page. I think we can expect a slight design change as I begin to create a page devoted to articles and whatnot. ADDITION: As of 5:39 P.M., I have made this update. More to come.


Something I forgot to mention, Ben will be playing participating in "Music Bridges Around the World," a songwriter's convention in March 2000. He will also be perfomring in a concert for this. Check out Frank Maynard's site for more details. After looking at Frank Maynard's site I have realized it will be a while until anything big and Ben comes up.So I will be striving to find anything REMOTELY bff that comes up. Keep your eyes peeled.


BFF2K! It's the new year and I don't have a whole lot to report. According to the Official site, the boys are back home and relaxing a little bit. ALSO, there is a new thing available for sale: A Japanese tour book! It seems cool. When I get one I will scan some pics from it in...Finally, I have been added to the new BFF webring. Exciting, eh?


Recently I have learned that Evan Olson, one of the ex-members of Majosha (ben's first band), has released his first major label solo release. It is currently available at CDNow and probably anywhere you can buy records. Also, in the Articles and Intervies section you will be able to find a review of his album.


I have added pictures! There are pics from the Chicago show last month...check 'em out!


This page has been redesigned, as you can see, to be rid of frames. They didn't work very well for this and I didn't like the way the page looked...so here it is. The rest of the site will be updated as time permits.


Frank Maynard shut down the Magical Armchair for a week or so as a result of some incredibly poor posts. I think it is a good idea and a necessary break, although I will miss it.

A darren solo show has been announced! check out the tour page for details.

I have added the tour dates to the page and hope to keep them updated daily. Granted, there won't be that much changing, but it is nice to look at the top and see what is the next show. Next thing will be creating a page for pictures and putting those pictures onto the page. No real BFF news, though I am annoyed they will be within 4 hours of me tomorrow and I can't see them. Thus is life.


Okay, I lied. I am not going to Minnesota. I am going to the Chicago show now and I MIGHT be going to the Columbus show...I would need to find a partner to ride with. That is all my news for now. Life in the world o BFF is pretty still right now.


I am officially going to see BFF in Minneapolis. No, I do not have tickets, but I WILL. I promise. That is my news of the day.


I saw the new video for DCYP and it was pretty darn cool. I was quite impressed despite what others have said. I suggest you all look out for it.

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