Yes, there are many bff sites. No, mine is not the most informative. Does it have any real purpose you say? Well, not really, I just enjoy making websites and I also happen to enjoy BFF. So here's what I gots.


So as of now I would check out what I have which is news and the tour dates for the most part (right now).
That is the most exciting.


A darren solo show has been announced! check out the tour page for details.

I have added the tour dates to the page and hope to keep them updated daily. Granted, there won't be that much changing, but it is nice to look at the top and see what is the next show. Next thing will be creating a page for pictures and putting those pictures onto the page. No real BFF news, though I am annoyed they will be within 4 hours of me tomorrow and I can't see them. Thus is life.


Okay, I lied. I am not going to Minnesota. I am going to the Chicago show now and I MIGHT be going to the Columbus show...I would need to find a partner to ride with. That is all my news for now. Life in the world o BFF is pretty still right now.


I am officially going to see BFF in Minneapolis. No, I do not have tickets, but I WILL. I promise. That is my news of the day.


I saw the new video for DCYP and it was pretty darn cool. I was quite impressed despite what others have said. I suggest you all look out for it.


News archives will be created as needed...fear not.

I recently added an interview from a Video game magazine from the UK to the
Anything Else section.

Go check it out!




A note to be made...I did steal the moving image above from the offical website
so if you guys over there are mad, just give a holler and I'll take it off.