Ramblings from the tilde

Shine On Me

The practice started among the billionaires, rock stars, social network influencers and other scum that had everything. It was a sticky mix of old traditions, new technology, stupid crap from television preachers, blotches of mud and hallucinogenic mushrooms sold by gurus and their sex slaves. The process was long and error prone and involved blood, goat cheese, flesh and twins. After doing it over and over its practitioners entered into some state of trance that changed everything for themselves. It soon became a public health problem.

It has been said that the bass player of a famous band started everything; he found himself bored and frustrated and with tons of money to expend. He bought a special kind of needles from an uncertain origin, specially thin and resistant, that he started to apply to himself and others. Friends and groupies soon got involved and everything went apeshit. TV moguls, IT CEOs, football players, autotune singers, all became crazy, and that took many lives, usually from the poor and the forgotten. The power obtained by the practice was exponential or, as some nerds uselessly affirmed, logarithmic. What's the fucking difference. The alleys soon were found full of tortured flesh, dismembered dogs and the carrion of twins, lots of twins, famous twins and anonymous twins.

Then a young woman, known worldwide by a stupid television show and specialized in exactly nothing, was abducted into a torture spree by a barely-mentioned sport star for a long and agonizing number of days. Time ticked. The news on this caused consternation to the whole world and that happened to infuse an unexpected energy thrust to the ­ŁĽö­ŁĽá­ŁĽú­ŁĽľ, which saw its power increased by many levels and made its behavior much bizarre and hard to control. Someone even brought a man from the future and applied the practice onto him. He suffered in a special and unique way. His ultimate words in his inscrutable language were broadcasted in many media and became famous:

"├Âkkru├┤├»shima ├«xpk├Âokmosaa ├Âkhoh├┤kurohzaaz ikkophyphy ├»naanma, ├Â-ph├┐mnoeth├»shimasaazaaz. ├»saama├»girmaokko├»zaazma ├»naanma okkokuroh uk 'sikgirgir ima├»hwmasaa├«xpk├Â├»kooma ikkophy ├«xpk├Âokmo. ├«xpk├Âokmo ├Â-whamnokuethhoh ikkophy ├«xthk├Â├Âkusu├┤saarohzaaz, ├«xpk├Âokmo ├«xzzk├Âkuzaaz ikkophy 'wakkruethhoh. naanup ├»hfmaikkohf├»girma 'usukgirgir ├»saama├»hwmaku├»jhima."

And that was the beginning of the end. The message was a curse and also a cry for help that eventually was heard and a response to the practice was received from beyond as a storm of pain and fire. The innocent and the damned were punished the same. Nothing is as it used to be anymore.