~~~ inquiry ~~~

Fri 21 Aug 2020 01:28:10 PM CDT

My exhaustive look at all tilde.club pages resulted in this
list I feel I'd be remiss not re-visiting:
And then some mentioned sites that looked promising:

Fri 21 Aug 2020 09:33:23 AM CDT

I've been enjoying the heck out of visiting all
tilde.club member pages via a Lua script
that first scrapes https://tilde.club
for all user pages, then visits them
one by one in the elinks terminal
browser. I'm obviously not so
much looking to be wow'd by
appearances as discover fun
people, even if now so
cruelly relegated to
the internet's past.

Wed 22 Jul 2020 09:32:10 AM CDT

      yet another itch to be known
           scratching it here
           knowing full well
              the futility
          #authors > #readers

Fri 19 Jun 2020 10:11:25 AM CDT

              words imply
             and receivers
                that is
             precisely the
           illusory phantoms
           the idea of which
          is our only bondage

Wed 10 Jun 2020 08:29:53 AM CDT

Love this:

|           abide in awareness            |
|       with no illusion of person        |
| you will be instantly free and at peace |

Thu 04 Jun 2020 05:11:29 PM CDT

I'm wearing a wedding band for the first time in, oh,
some nineteen to twenty years.

Wed 03 Jun 2020 09:39:02 AM CDT

Racists identify themselves in communication by placing
a word indicating skin color before words like 'person',
'girl', 'guy', etc., thus indicating they believe skin color
at least in part - if not utterly - determines personhood and,
thus, behavior.

Wed 03 Jun 2020 07:38:30 AM CDT

Playing around with vim's ":setlocal textwidth=NUM" feature
so text lines wind up the length I want without having to
format them. Not that I mind formatting them, mind you, e.g.
":NUM,NUM!fmt -NUM". But, you know, the degrees of mental
anguish over doing extra work, right?

Wed 03 Jun 2020 06:49:16 AM CDT

What a life, this seem of a cream of dream: seeming selves
in bondage to the notion of themselves bound to a body in
vast time of space!

Tue 02 Jun 2020 10:57:26 AM CDT

"The Buddha Mind, unborn and marvellously illuminating,
is like a bright mirror. A mirror reflects whatever is
in front of it. It's not deliberately trying to reflect
things. Likewise, when the object being reflected is removed,
the mirror isn't trying not to reflect it, but when it's taken
away it doesn't appear in the mirror. The Unborn Buddha Mind
is just like this."  - Bankei

In quasi-related news, how did it come to pass that the words
in a file look so much less important that the same words on
a webpage?

Mon 01 Jun 2020 11:11:00 PM CDT

I get the feeling it's not obvious to you, yet.

Not to worry, though, 'cuz I'm feeling great about the job
I just applied for.

Sun 31 May 2020 07:08:28 AM CDT

A shadow can do nothing.

Likewise the thought of ourselves.

Fri 22 May 2020 08:22:50 PM CDT

Sitting out in the cool bordering on cold, awaiting a
pizza delivery.

Thu 21 May 2020 07:13:09 AM CDT

This morning I learned at least some of my coworkers are
too sensitive for me to joke with.

Wed 20 May 2020 10:29:49 PM CDT

Oh, just messing with a itty bitty script to facilitate

Fri 15 May 2020 03:04:25 PM CDT

Hey there!

Wed 13 May 2020 10:23:02 AM CDT

Just another entry no one will ever see.

Sat 09 May 2020 09:35:23 AM CDT

Looks like I finally got logged out. It was just a matter of
time. Which sometimes is and sometimes isn't on my side. I
was kind of hoping my tmux session would still be running,
at least, but it wasn't.


Sat 02 May 2020 08:45:31 AM CDT

Dang impressed I can stay logged in here so long. Just add
an entry to the top of this index.html, and, voila!

Of course, it would help to have something worth reading to
say, right?

But it's a beautiful day, so no point missing it by getting
lost in word worlds instead....

Sun 26 Apr 2020 01:12:10 PM CDT

I must say that I really enjoyed ~droob's tilde (discovered
via one of those "gimme a random tilde" links).

Thu 23 Apr 2020 06:51:44 AM CDT

Pre-work moments. Wrote a post at my write.as place (link
below). Awaiting my wife's awakening. Pondering how this web
stuff has mostly lost its magic. Or has today, at any rate.

It's enough to make me want to refactor some personal
utilities, I'm telling you.

It's about time to change my Microsoft Teams work presence
indicator to "available", and get with their programme....

Wed 22 Apr 2020 04:51:29 PM CDT

So hey, tilde.club others. Just your good, new buddy inquiry,
here... walking some treadmill, basking in some joy and
relieve of having finally solved a software issue that had
been nagging me for days.

Don't have a heck of a lot to type, though. Just checking in.

Tue 21 Apr 2020 12:52:28 PM CDT

Let's see who we gots at the moment:
 12:52:46 up 12 days, 18:51, 23 users,  load average: 0.77, 1.54, 1.68
inquiry  pts/0     08:04    4.00s  0.09s  0.00s tmux attach -d
kiith    pts/5     05:41    7:11m  0.04s  0.00s tmux attach -t 0
carlorat pts/12    10:52   53:42   0.08s  0.02s tmux -u -2 -f /usr/share/byobu/profiles/tmuxrc attach;
deepend  pts/14    00:41   10:25m  0.10s  0.06s tmux -u attach -t 1
dctrud   pts/16    08:18    1:47m  0.02s  0.00s tmux
bacterio pts/21    03:31   44:46   0.03s  0.00s tmux a -d
draqlo   pts/28    Thu18   42:34m  0.30s  0.00s tmux -u -f /usr/share/byobu/profiles/tmuxrc attach;
mhb      pts/32    12Apr20  9days  0.06s  0.39s mosh-server new -s -c 256 -l LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
mhb      pts/38    13Apr20 11days  0.02s  0.38s mosh-server new -s -c 256 -l LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
scifi    pts/33    13Apr20 11days  0.03s 19.41s mosh-server new -c 256 -s -l LANG=en_US.UTF-8
langer   pts/43    07:50    1:13m  1:08   1:08  irssi
gasconhe pts/44    04:15    8:37m  0.02s  0.02s -bash
melyanna pts/49    02:00    5:42m  0.06s  0.01s tmux -u -2 -f /usr/share/byobu/profiles/tmuxrc attach;
scifi    pts/51    Mon20    4days  0.05s 37.19s mosh-server new -c 256 -s -l LANG=en_US.UTF-8
jy4m     pts/52    Sun15   45:09m  0.04s  0.01s tmux -u -2 -f /usr/share/byobu/profiles/tmuxrc new-session -n - /usr/bin/byobu-shell
mhd      pts/54    01:17   20:08m  0.02s  0.00s tmux a
entoreor pts/62    10:42    6.00s  0.07s  0.01s tmux -u -2 -f /usr/share/byobu/profiles/tmuxrc attach;
rgu      pts/58    Fri07    6:34m  0.03s  0.03s -bash
silent70 pts/72    15Apr20  6days  0.03s  0.03s -bash
langer   pts/84    07:50    1:13m  0.31s  0.29s screen -dr
scifi    pts/69    09:49   16:05m  0.03s  2.40s mosh-server new -c 256 -s -l LANG=en_US.UTF-8
klvebunc pts/83    11:11    1:34m  0.06s  0.01s tmux -u -2 -f /usr/share/byobu/profiles/tmuxrc attach;
leonardo pts/99    11:29    3.00s  0.03s  0.00s tmux att


Tue 21 Apr 2020 12:46:48 PM CDT

Okay, then... nice little quicky lua script to add new entries
to this... re-remembered how to work with tmux on a remote
system within tmux on a local system. Just gotta get used to
hitting the prefix key twice. It's been a while.

This is all especially pleasant while downing half a Blizzard
my wife just fetched us!

Tue 21 Apr 2020 08:36:55 AM CDT

I was thinking of maybe just pasting my write.as posts
here. But, of course, there's the complication of having to
redo anchor elements.

So, nah... if you need to read that stuff, the link is at
the bottom of all this.

Tue 21 Apr 2020 08:29:58 AM CDT

Okay, then.. finally re-remembered how to get timezone the
way I want.. bash the default shell.. $PATH to include my
useful stuff.. vim to work the way I like, etc., etc.

So I'm off to see the tilde.club wizard, in a manner of

Sun 19 Apr 2020 05:39:05 AM America

Brass tacks

So here's my dilemma.

I can enjoy being kind of nuts and bolts (i.e. knowing
exactly what I'm doing with respect to the tags 'n
shit that makes it happen), appending updates to my
https://tilde.club/~inquiry/ page, or less nuts and bolts
to my https://write.as/inquiry/ page.

Either way, well, who's gonna read it? Ten or (best number
on an amplifier) eleven people?

So given it's prolly the same either way, tilde.club is
(somehow) free, and write.as is, well, not expensive,
yet also not free.

So these things come to mind.

I've no verifiable quantitative reason to believe anyone
except tmo reads me at all, here.


And, in fact, I completely forgot I've been paying the
classically great sdr.org even longer for web privileges
I scarcely use.

So it's just this weird thing, a thing so weird I couldn't
possibly explain it to my wife to her satisfaction.

Where the so-called rubber meets the road: either it feels
like what one is typing is being read, or one may as well
type into either a local file system file, or into a file
system connected to a port 80 or 443 minus subscription.

Sun 19 Apr 2020 05:24:32 AM America

I suspect I *might* like most who hang out in this place,
simply because they *do* hang out in such a place.

And, God, the *glory* of actually editing the index.html
file itself instead of some bullshit web interface-y thing!

And yet do I suspect I'm not at all cool kid enough to
truly belong in so unix-loft-ily a place as this.

Sun 19 Apr 2020 05:19:18 AM America

So not the question is, why bother with "write.as" when
I can get my typing rocks off perfectly satisfactorily
right here?

And I'm not sure I can answer that in this moment (for
mostly just typing stuff to see how it turns out in the

Sun 19 Apr 2020 05:15:47 AM America

Shit, there was a time when I knew why the output of the
'date' command wasn't producing something in accord with
what the time/date really is in my actual local, but I'm
honestly past the point of caring.

Sun 19 Apr 2020 02:01:41 AM America

A Saturday that alone made life worth living

> 12:15. That is what time it is.
> On a Saturday. And I would usually be over at a relatives
> or a friends hour about this time on a Saturday, but I am
> inside. Drinking almond milk. And thinking about making
> coffee. #quarantinelife #NoFun
> But the sky is sunny. No clouds,
> anywhere. 50F. Legit. #stlwx

Incredibly fun and fulfilling day in this sector: super
pleasant country drive with my wife with "active" sippy cups
in tow, back home to work more on the yard, much conversation
about the possible future of the back portion of the same,
several conclusions whose possibility I'm rather excited about,
fantastic bird sightings/encounters, fabulous charcuterie plate
for dinner, enjoyable convo with the neighbor over his fence,
(all the home portion of that accompanied by "Chill Lounge" on
iheartradio through the battery-powered Alexa), back indoors,
knocked off the dishes, pour some red wine, head to the living
room to commune with read.write.as on the Chromebook....

And so here we are, again.

> That was a long preamble to some practical advice I'm going
> to give in just one area of family life: The Family Meal.

Nearly 700 lines worth, overall. I honestly tried to
consume it, but these days my mind typically checks out
around 50 for a single post.

> Makes me think of the "Social Media is the New
> Cigarettes" article I read some years back. Not as
> much as SM will give you cancer, or heart disease – but
> that we (as a civilization) need a wake up call from the
> dangers of social media, stop treating it like a passive
> joke, either regulate it, or eliminate it altogether. I
> think putting an age restriction on the services would
> do well. As well as making you PAY upfront for the
> "privilege" of using the services.

"Person the torpedoes!" comes to this mind. :-)

> But a widespread adoption of the knowledge that social
> media is dangerous & addictive is what society needs.


<removes finger from the torpedo launch button>

> SM is slightly different. No it can't give you
> cancer. Or heart disease. Or liver failure like alcohol
> can. Addiction isn't an "all in one package" where
> symptoms/dangers are all the same. SM addiction is quite
> a lot like gambling addiction. Dopamine depletion, heavy
> onset of depression over time, OCD characteristics,
> etc. People don't like hearing it, but people usually
> don't like being told what to do (even if it is good for
> them) hardly ever. Especially when it comes to a form of
> addiction (that they immediately become defensive about).

<moves finger back to the torpedo launch button>

> what is the reasoning?
> Of having kids? Honest to Dog question here. I always
> read about how difficult it is to raise a child. The work
> that goes into it, the headache and strain it is in every
> fathomable sense, the stress and drama that comes about
> at any and every turn with no respite.
> So, why?

I'm pretty sure neither sperm nor eggs feel they have time
to waste on mental illness – aka reasoning....

Sun 19 Apr 2020 01:49:21 AM America

Perfect day!

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