gsk_Recently someone in [well-known fansubbing group] applied for QC and wanted to say QC is last role for inexperienced but every group runs differently so I left it there. But I really do not think QC should be inexperienced they really don't need do TS or timing but they should have fair knowledge on basis and what is considered good.15:15
LightArrowsEXEsame, and I argued with them in the staff channel about it for a bit15:15
LightArrowsEXEThey said qc was the "easiest" role, and my instant reaction was "what the actual fuck are you talking about"15:16
LightArrowsEXEQC is imo arguably the hardest role15:16
LightArrowsEXEThey treated QC like a glorified spellchecker, which ????15:16
gsk_I was also suprised by it15:16
LightArrowsEXELike yes, the QC should catch spelling errors. As well as layering issues, wrong blur, scene bleeds, dumb encoding errors, etc.15:17
LightArrowsEXEDumb editing, lines that sound like shit, lines that sound okay in a vacuum but when put into context sounds off15:17
LightArrowsEXELines that seem weird to the point where you may have caught an accidental or slippery mistranslation15:17
LightArrowsEXENuance being off across entire sentences, or the subject of a line being too hard to understand even for someone adept at English15:18
LightArrowsEXEThese are just a few of the things a QC should keep track of15:18
LightArrowsEXEThere is way more15:18
LightArrowsEXEQCing is actually rough15:18
gsk_Also they shouldn't have auto correct in their brain :kekw~1:15:19
gsk_Which most people do in their brain15:20
LightArrowsEXEHeck, even I do that15:20
LightArrowsEXEas an editor/QC15:20
LightArrowsEXEAnd I hate it15:20
[in reply to something else]
garretyou should never be the only QC of your own work15:21
LightArrowsEXEOh, you can be the QC if you want15:22
LightArrowsEXEIt's just not a good idea15:22
garretmight be really obvious stuff that you don't catch/think is fine15:22
garretthat you just won't fix15:22
LightArrowsEXEIt's essentially why editors exist as well15:22
LightArrowsEXETranslators can look at their own text and think "this is fine", but when you have someone else look over it, they notice all the flaws you missed.15:23
LightArrowsEXEAn editor's job is essentially being that person, and also fixing it up while they're at it and making improvements where they see fit.15:23
LightArrowsEXEThe QC should be the most critical of all, tbh15:25
LightArrowsEXEWhich is why in newer groups they're often the most thankless job15:26
LightArrowsEXE... unless they just get a QC who acts like a glorified spellchecker instead of an actual QC, that is.15:26
gsk_idk what is the point of glorified spellchecker when aegi spell check is a thing15:28
gsk_Heck there is QC script as well15:28
gsk_Which is shows general errors like blur and shit15:28
LightArrowsEXE(because nobody uses the spellchecker)15:28
LightArrowsEXE(I have no idea why)15:29
gsk_>pain probably15:29

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