glitchwhen knote updates and no longer works with 0x' scripts, because incompatible with latest luajit :|09:13
JohnnyZBa good reason to finally stop using it09:16
glitchwhen regular has dark mode, ill jump over to it immediately09:17
JohnnyZBthat's not gonna happen unless you use it on Linux09:18
glitchI wish I didn't have eye problems :|09:19
Setsugen no aolol09:23
The0x539glitch: do you have any idea what the actual breaking change in luajit is20:49
宮藤芳佳knote aka no supportnote22:34
glitchSorry, I'm not familiar enough with the language
lines such as 397:
when 'actor', 'noactor', 'sylfx', 'inlinefx':
are no longer accepted the colon at the end
The0x539but that's not even a lua change wtf00:28
The0x539wait what script even is this00:30
The0x539sylfx appears nowhere in my script dir00:30
The0x539wait how is my own copy of the templater outdated00:31
The0x539ok so00:37
The0x539moonscript's latest version, 0.5.0, was released in late 201500:38
The0x539KaiNote bundles moonscript 0.3.000:38
The0x539glitch what the fuck00:38

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