cruelnoisehttps://invent.kde.org/multimedia/subtitlecomposer 🤔22:02
Daizvarious non-aegisub editors have existed for a long time22:02
Daizrarely are they as good as aegisub22:02
Daizusually a lot worse22:03
cruelnoiseI hadn't heard of this one before. Looks bad.22:03
tomato>depends on vlc22:04
tomatointo the trash it goes22:04
tomatothis is why i hate kde projects
> The following NEW packages will be installed: [5 million libk* packages]
cruelnoiseI'm still in the discord for this one https://subtitld.jonata.org/22:08
Daizthat UI looks... awkward22:09
Daizto put it nicely22:09
cruelnoiseWhich apparently has no ASS support, but uses "Universal Subtitle Format"22:09
tomatoyeah that looks horrific22:09
Daizdon't you just love it when a format has UNIVERSAL in the name and then it's literally used by like only one thing in existence22:10
petzkure: rarely are they as good as aegisub
which is sort of surprising, considering how low the bar actually is there
Daizit's not too surprising, tbh22:14
Daizthe people who have worked on the development of the aegisub are generally people who were actively working on subtitling themselves22:15
Daizlike, heavy-duty subtitling22:15
Daizthe likelihood of people working on all these other subtitling programs regularly dogfooding their product is much smaller22:15
Daizor even if they do use them, their use cases are likely a lot more casual and/or they just personally don't care about subtitles all that much, after all it's just some text on screen amirite22:16
Daizit also matters where you take inspiration from22:17
Daizif all the other subtitling software they're aware of / have tried sucks hard, it's unlikely they're going to do much better22:18
Daizaegisub itself is essentially an evolution of all fansubbing-oriented subtitling software that came before22:18
Daizwhile there has always existed an another universe of subtitling software borne of the idea of "it lets me create SRT files somehow"22:19
Daizall of which has never been particularly good22:19
Daizbecause neither the users nor the developers care that much about the fine details of subtitling22:20
Daizthis also extends to ENTERPRISE SUBTITLING SOFTWARE(tm)22:20
petzkuwell, true22:20
Daizwhere the primary interest is pretty much "it can export into all these obscure proprietary broadcast subtitle formats"22:20
Daizand everything else comes way after22:21
Daizwhich means usability-wise they're likely even worse than the SRT-verse editors22:21
username redactedi've used subtitle edit the other day, and i was baffled, cause i wanted to change only start time of a line22:24
username redactedand it changed the end time as well22:24
username redactedturns out... it only has start time and duration fields, so changing start time affects the end as well22:24
validusername16i only like subtitle edit for ocr22:32
username redactedsame22:34

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