Odds are you don't know who this guy is...Well, I am here to tell you. Mike Errico is one of the most talented Singer/songwriters around today. He knows what he's doing. He's based out of NY and plays in the area often.
People have compared him to Ben Harper, Ani Difranco and Dave Matthews. He is the bomb and you have to check him out.

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**NEWSFLASH** I HAVE SET UP A TAPE TREE FOR THE 10.30.99 SHOW IN MADISON. EMAIL ME FOR DETAILS. THE DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, JANUARY 21ST. **NEWSFLASH** Also, I have some new shows in the tour section. Only a few, don't get your undies all in a knot. And I plan to make some minor design changes to this site fairly soon. Beware.

I recently updated the tour dates. Nothing very new has come up which is why there hasn't been any news. I'm sorry I haven't been very good at updating this if you ever come here. The one really cool thing is that Mike's song "Someday" is being danced to by a professional dance troupe. Check out the tour dates for when and where the show is going on. I guess that's all for now.


On October 30th I saw our man Mike Errico here in Madison. It was a wonderful show and I should have some pictures to put up on the site, if and when they develop. I have talked to people about the possibility of doing an interview with Mike for an online FAQ, and systems sound go, once things slow down. That's all for now I think!


Nothing really too exciting, but this site is beginning to come together a little more now. Mike is on tour right now, currently on the CTN concert tour, but not for too much longer. He currently has tour dates through Nov. 16th. So PLEASE go check him out as soon as you can. Yeah. More news as it surfaces.